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Congratulations on kaishunda plastic products Dongguan Branch passing ISO9001 certification

Release time:2020-12-14

In October 2020, Dongguan branch of Shenzhen kaishunda plastic products Co., Ltd., after Shenzhen kaishunda head office, successfully passed the iso9001:2015 international quality certification system certification, which marks that Shenzhen kaishunda plastic products Co., Ltd. and Dongguan branch have been recognized by ISO system in internal quality management of the company, and also marks that Dongguan manufacturing base will be brand new To meet new challenges.

Compared with ISO9001:2008, the new edition of iso9001:2015 adds two clauses of management system planning and improvement. At the same time, the original clauses of quality management system, management responsibility, resource management, product realization, measurement analysis and improvement are replaced by organizational environment, leadership, support, operation and performance evaluation. In the new standard, products and services replace products, documented information replaces documents, records, process operation environment replaces working environment, external products and services replace purchased products, and external suppliers replace suppliers. At the same time, the specific requirements for system documents are removed, and the system documents are no longer called "management manual" or "procedure documents", but the naming right of the documents is handed over to the enterprise.

2. Other differences between the old and new standards. New quality standard framework. The new version of iso9001:2015 quality standard takes the requirements of customers and other interested parties as input. The enterprise QMS and its process are output to the products and services of the organization to meet customer needs through the support process and continuous improvement of leadership, planning, operation and performance evaluation.

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