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Kaishunda opens a new chapter of independent R & D and production

Release time:2020-12-14

In order to further promote the transformation of the enterprise, from a single manufacturing enterprise to a complete machine product manufacturer integrating R & D, design and production, the company successfully registered the trademark of "candylife" in 2019, and began to start independent R & D and production projects. In the future, the market will have its own products.

With the success of trademark registration, Shenzhen kaishunda plastic products Co., Ltd. will take this opportunity to take the first step of self-organized R & D and manufacturing, and plans to invest in food grade silicone rubber products and medical silica gel products. In the competitive market, the loss of brand awareness, brand reputation, sales and market share has become an aging brand. For any brand, there is the possibility of brand aging, especially in today's market competition is so fierce. Therefore, continuous maintenance of the brand is an important means to avoid brand aging, and is also conducive to consolidating the market position of the brand.

The vitality of a brand depends on the needs of consumers. If the brand can meet the changing needs of consumers, then the brand will have strong vitality in the competitive market. On the contrary, brand aging may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the brand to meet the needs of the market and consumers.

The market is changing, and consumers' awareness of safeguarding their rights is also increasing, and brands are facing threats from all aspects. Once the enterprise does not predict the coming of the crisis, or there is no strategy to deal with the crisis, the brand will face great danger.

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