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How to deal with the dark lines on the surface of silicone products?

Release time:2020-12-18

Silicone products show poor appearance, which is a very laborious task, and it is common to show dark lines. What causes the dark lines in general?

—Why do silicone products show dark marks

1. Silicone raw materials

     Due to the different characteristics of the original materials of silica gel products and the different product ratios, the understanding of external adverse phenomena is still based on the different distribution ratios of silica and silicone resins in the products, because the original materials are classified as semi-transparent white. Solid rubber, so in the mixing process, the mixing uniformity of the rubber compound and the vulcanizing agent depends on the quality of the rubber compound, and the factors of poor appearance of the product are the reasons mentioned above!

2. Silicone mold

    Mold is the center of silicone products. The selection of materials on the mold steel occupies the primary element. The poor appearance during the processing process is probably due to the deformation of the mold with too many pressing times, which leads to the poor appearance of the silicone product. Secondly, in the mold finishing process, the accuracy of the mold selects the product's parting line, self-dismantling edge and side wheel angle, etc.

3. Molding and curing of silicone products

  During the molding and vulcanization process, the exhaust method and trapped air stroke of the product selected the bulging phenomenon of the silicone product. Inaccurate timing and temperature distribution may lead to poor appearance of dark marks. In addition, the most important thing is the operation method of the machine personnel. As well as the filling conditions, in the final analysis, the most important thing in the processing process is to look at the wind rudder, what parameters should be suitable for silicone products, etc.

2. What to do if the silicone products show dark marks

  Silicone products have the characteristics of colorless, odorless, and non-degree. To change silicone products into colorful colors, it is necessary to participate in "color masterbatch", so the selection of color masterbatch must not be faulty, assuming the temperature of the color masterbatch No, basically the silicone product becomes a waste product. Since the color masterbatch must be integrated into the silicone product for high-temperature molding, the color masterbatch must be melted at a high temperature to make the silicone product change color. It is assumed that the color masterbatch is not affected by the temperature resistance function. For the entire production, the result is clear and clear, so the most appropriate color masterbatch must be selected.

  When selecting silicone materials, it must be strictly controlled. For silicone materials, for example, it may be difficult for the naked eye to distinguish color difference and hardness between two different kinds of silicone materials, but in fact, there are still differences between the two. , Assuming that the two batches of silicone materials are mixed and molded, if there is a small color difference found in the quality inspection after molding, it cannot be shipped. Our quality inspection is very severe. For the color difference, only defective products can be used. Therefore, when selecting silicone materials, it must be clear that there is no mixing. It is important to know the source. If the head is wrong, all the subsequent processes can only be soy sauce.

  You should also pay attention to the cutting process of silicone products. As it is assumed that the cutting rubber material is too thick or too narrow, it will be inconvenient to cut the silicone. At the same time, it will also make the appearance of the silicone product poorer after molding, even in the cutting process. To ensure the quality of the product.

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