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How to choose food grade silica gel?

Release time:2020-12-18

Among the daily dining tools, the spoon is an inevitable kitchen utensil. The main materials of the more common spoons are stainless steel, wood, and plastic, etc. The other similar materials are silicone materials that many customers choose to use. Silicone is more popular now. A favorite material, it is used to make spoons for children's tableware occupies most of it, and it is also not an exception for family daily use, then you should buy a high-quality silicone spoon, which brand is good!

  The condition for choosing a good silicone product is to choose a high-quality silicone processing factory. Silica gel belongs to soft environmentally friendly tableware. The most important element that acts on the side of the spoon is safety and environmental protection. Therefore, the requirements for materials are naturally important. Generally, silica gel and fumed silica Different levels of detail, and different levels of detail lead to differences in stretching and rebounding, as well as various characteristics of the material. Silicone spoons must be attributed to safety and environmental protection. The minimum requirements for materials are food grade, so pure fumed hair gel is used for materials. It is the most basic choice.

  The choice of technology, because the structure and processing technology of different silicone spoons are different now. There are pure silicone materials, silicone-coated hardware and silicone-coated nylon plastic to improve support. The choice in this regard depends on where you need to use it, such as just Silicone rice scoops for infants and young children can be made of pure silicone materials. For cooking, it is recommended to use hardware coating for stronger strength. If it is only for soup and rice, it is recommended to use nylon-coated silicone spoons.

  The most important thing to choose a silicone spoon is its quality judgment, and the quality of silicone tableware mainly comes from various processes of the silicone manufacturer, such as whether the production of the mold can achieve the best effect, whether the parting line and the mold surface can reach the thinnest. Whether the mixing time of raw materials is stable, whether the color glue and curing agent are evenly mixed, whether the poor control and operation methods in the curing process are correct, whether the finished product can meet the quality requirements, etc.

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