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Kaishunda Dongguan manufacturing base will meet the challenge with a new look

Release time:2020-12-14

In October 2020, Dongguan branch of Shenzhen kaishunda plastic products Co., Ltd., after Shenzhen kaishunda head office, successfully passed the certification of iso14001:2015 international environmental conscientious system, which marks that Shenzhen kaishunda plastic products Co., Ltd. and Dongguan branch have been recognized by ISO system in environmental management, and also marks that Dongguan manufacturing base will be welcomed with a new look Take on new challenges.

ISO14000 is an international standard of environmental management system established by ISO. ISO14000 certification has become an access permit to break the international green barriers and enter the European and American markets. Enterprises passing the ISO14000 certification can save energy, reduce consumption, optimize costs, meet the legal requirements of the government, improve the corporate image and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. ISO14000 has become the most comprehensive and systematic international standard of environmental management in the world, and it has attracted the attention and positive response of governments and enterprises all over the world.

Significance of ISO14000 certification

1. Obtain "green pass" for international trade.

2. Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and expand market share.

3. Establish excellent corporate image.

4. Improve product performance and make "green products".

5. Reform process equipment to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

6. Pollution prevention, environmental protection.

7. Avoid economic losses caused by environmental problems.

8. Improve the environmental protection quality of employees.

9. Improve the internal management level of enterprises.

10. Reduce environmental risk and realize sustainable operation of enterprises

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