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Kaishunda officially launched the application and certification of "national high tech enterprise"

Release time:2020-12-14

From March 2020, Shenzhen kaishunda plastic products Co., Ltd. officially started the application and certification of "national high tech enterprise". During the application period, we have successfully applied for 12 technical patents and copyright patents for the company's relevant formula technology, covering the main fields of rubber, silica gel, mold, vulcanization machinery and equipment. At the time of applying for high-tech enterprise certification, it is unprecedented for our company to protect the most valuable technology of our company with patents. This will enable Shenzhen kaishunda plastic products Co., Ltd. to use new technology more flexibly and serve customers better in the future when it is facing a more unpredictable market environment.

Benefits of being identified as high tech Bai Enterprises

1. Tax reduction and exemption: for the identified high Dao new technology enterprises, the preferential tax rate of 15% (the first 25%) can be implemented, and the tax rate will be reduced by 10 points and the tax amount will be reduced by 40%;

2. Direct reward: after obtaining the high-tech recognition, the local government can obtain hundreds of thousands of up to one million fund awards (the awards of different provinces and cities are different, and the specific incentive policies are welcome to consult);

3. Financing loans: easier access to VC investment and loans from major banks;

4. Qualification promotion: Science and technology enterprises are the only "national" brand enterprise honor;

5. Other necessary qualifications for supporting projects: such as technology giant;

6. Talent introduction: talents are willing to develop on a better platform. After being identified as a high-tech enterprise, it will be easier to attract high-end talents and core talents to join, and can also help settle down;

7. Shortlisted in the list of government procurement: products of high-tech enterprises can be included in the government procurement system first, and the business scope is greatly expanded;

8. Increase of years of loss calculation and carry forward: for the outstanding losses occurred in the first five years of the qualification year of high-tech enterprises, it is allowed to make up for the losses in the following years, and the longest carrying forward period is extended from 5 years to 10 years; in addition, high-tech enterprises also have the advantages of listing bonus points, bidding bonus points, land priority, etc.

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