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KSD-02 All kinds of rubber mold and silicone mold
Functional features
Mold can be widely used in the production of rubber products, silicone products production, plastic products production and other industries, our company design and production of mold products, by more and more industry customers recognized.

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Product details

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the mold manufacturing industry design and manufacturing team, the use of mature mold design experience and stable manufacturing technology, can be tailored for customers of different types, different structure and steel requirements of rubber products and silicone products mold.The mold types include double plate plate mold, multi-layer template plate mold, rubber vacuum injection mold, silica gel vacuum injection mold, liquid silica gel injection mold, double color injection mold, multi-color injection mold, etc.Mold products almost cover rubber products and silica gel products industry required types.The company has Japanese Mitsubishi, Taiwan Chaoshiji automatic CNC machining centers, CNC CNC machine tools, CNC spark machines and other machinery and equipment involved in all the mold manufacturing.From the mold design, research and development, manufacturing, modification, maintenance, storage and other complete production chain, our company 100% complete by themselves.
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