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KSD-06 Oil-proof, water-proof, acid-proof, dust-proof rubber sealing ring and dust-proof kit
Functional features
Products can be widely used in electronics, automobile industry, pneumatic devices, large industrial washing machines, sports and fitness equipment, communication equipment, audio equipment, medical equipment, toys and other industries, as excellent oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, sealing, waterproof, dustproof products, has been recognized by more and more industry customers.The hardness of the product ranges from 10 to 90 degrees.

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Product details

The company uses mature rubber technology and formula, can be customized for customers in various sizes, hardness and appearance of oil-resistant, acid-proof rubber sealing ring, rubber dust-proof rubber plug sealing package.Product appearance shape includes round, square, oval, irregular shape and so on.Materials including natural rubber (NR), nitrile rubber (NBR), EPDM (EPDM), silicone rubber (SR), butadiene rubber (BR) and styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), chloroprene rubber (CR), butyl rubber (IIR), hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR), fluoro rubber (FKM), silicone flame retardant, flame retardant rubber, conductive rubber, conductive silicone, antistatic silicone, UV resistant silicone, TPE, TPU, TPR, PER, etc.At the same time, the company has its own mold research and development and manufacturing workshop, can develop the mold itself.
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