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Industrial silicone parts, how to choose between silicone and rubber?

Release time:2020-12-17

In this era of rapid technological changes and faster product updates, there are more and more choices for products. For industrial silicone parts, how to choose between silicone and rubber materials? Let’s discuss with you the editor of Shunda Plastics!

  What are the specific differences between silicone accessories and rubber accessories?

  In our daily life, the sealing special-shaped miscellaneous parts on many electronic products have an indispensable and important role. The advantages of industrial silicone parts depend on the new material technology and the processing technology of the manufacturer. The difference is that it is different from other materials. The environmental protection is very outstanding, and it has achieved excellent environmental protection effects in electronic accessories. In the process of use, it is very safe and at ease.

  In addition to the above advantages, silicone raw materials have excellent tensile and tear resistance and high temperature resistance. The core advantage lies in its high-quality polymer elastomer. The silicon chain does not react to any substance, does not become loose or not. Concentration does not evaporate and does not melt water, etc., while the silicon molecules combine with each other to reach the main body of the certain molecular chain, and then reach the advantages of stretch rebound, temperature and aging resistance!

  Except for rubber, there is no other material that can match silicone. There are many differences between the silicone material and rubber material of industrial silicone parts, such as effects and functions. Rubber is more used in machinery, such as mechanical oil seals, and in some industrial operations. The silicone parts are more used in the light environmental protection industry, which can achieve the effects of environmental protection and comfort.

  The above is the sharing of the editor of Kaishunda Plastics on how to choose industrial silicone parts. Welcome friends in need to consult or call online.

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