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How to deal with the static electricity problem of silicone products?

Release time:2020-12-18

The surface treatment process of silicone rubber products is very important, because silica gel contains static electricity, which makes the product very easy to absorb dust, impurities, etc., so to produce products that satisfy customers, how to solve the static electricity problem of silicone rubber products? Next, the editor of Kai Shunda will show you all about it!

  Affected by static electricity, silica gel is generally dusty. If manufacturers use traditional chemical coating methods, the effectiveness of the dust-proof and lubricating coating can only be maintained for a few months. A good method is to modify the oxygen atoms on the surface of the silica gel with plasma energy and change the surface of the negative silica gel to the positive electrode. In the process, harmless organic chemicals are used and no polluting waste is discharged, so it is a clean production process. It has the characteristics of low static electricity and high dustproof effect. It is suitable for watch straps and other medical equipment.

  Plasma surface treatment technology is suitable for materials such as fibers, polymers and plastics. It can also be used to clean, activate and etch the surface parts of metal, plastic and ceramic materials, and to modify the physical characteristics of the material surface. The environmental protection process of dust-proof treatment of silica gel products can effectively deal with the problem of silica gel static electricity, simple dust contamination, and extend product life. It is a silica gel surface treatment process. It can be applied to all silica gel and related products.

  High-energy pulsed plasma magnetron sputtering technology (HPPMS) is a new type of magnetron sputtering system that combines the two characteristics of "high energy" and "pulsed". In the plating process, the power supply plays an important role. The choice of "high energy" and "pulse" discharge methods can declare robust energy up to 1500V output voltage in a short time of less than 2 microseconds, just like lightning. Since many ions are released during the process and the internal stress of the coating is eliminated, a thick ion coating can be made without damaging the surface of the product or workpiece. This method can improve the lonization rate (lonization rate), which improves the adhesion of the coating on the product surface.

  High-energy pulsed plasma magnetron sputtering technology can surpass the traditional magnetron sputtering method to produce high-quality stars with a thick ion plating layer of more than 3um. Because the high-energy pulse method is beneficial to the density of added ions, it not only strengthens the bonding force between the coating and the substrate, but also reduces the surface roughness, and can further enhance the wear resistance and reduce the number of replacements on functional parts.

  For highly decorative silicone products, it can maintain the appearance and be more durable. Therefore, the high-energy pulsed coating can be used to effectively use plasma, and then control the structure of the coating. Its characteristic is that it can be deposited on the lubricating and fine Structure, advanced corrosion resistance and surface finish. Or it can be deposited on messy geometric workpieces to achieve a more uniform coating.

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